Numerous illnesses remain without cure, and seven billion persons live on a finite quantity of land and water. Believing that disruptive technologies can help, Life Science Entrepreneurs develops life science discoveries with a potential to solve critical unmet health needs. L.S.E.’s high-risk/very high-reward ventures are either:

Silver Bullets : early-stage solutions to unmet medical health needs in B$ markets, with a credible potential to reach a beneficial exit or partnering with a three-year program costing less than 5M €.

News Release: Novel antiplatelet NmC development launched!

TailoredTech Blends™ : a diverse set of technologies, procedures and resources assembled so they enable significant efficiency gains, to be incorporated into large-volume, low-margin existing activities.

Meeting Needs
L.S.E.'s approach is to complete viable proof-of-concepts likely to be acquired by well-funded specialized organizations.
You come into the world with nothing, and the purpose of your life is to make something out of nothing.
Henry Louis Mencken
Modus operandi:
  • acquire rights on salient intellectual property and set to attain the efficacy and safety endpoints required by global markets;
  • create of a single-asset virtual company to hold the rights, new I.P. and other elements of value;
  • gather financing, assemble ad hoc world class team and provide the required entrepreneurial leadership, business development, project management and back-office capacity;
  • sell or partner-out the completed program to a world leader for further development and commercialization, and distribute the created wealth to shareholders and licensors.